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About the Founder:

Dr Philippa Spencer

Dr Philippa Spencer

Philippa is a Chartered and Registered Counselling Psychologist, Coaching Psychologist and wellbeing expert. She is passionate about bringing psychology to life and making it relevant to the challenges and problems that all of us sometimes face. She does this through providing the following services:

Organisational consultancy: Philippa has a long-standing interest in employee wellbeing and works with organisations to both develop strategies at a macro level and also work with individuals and groups on specific wellbeing interventions and initiatives.

Psychological coaching: Philippa applies her professional knowledge, higher level psychology training and 20 years’ experience of one to one work to provide individually tailored coaching interventions designed to help people flourish and thrive.

Psychological therapy: This remains a core element of Philippa’s overall activity and she maintains a significant caseload of private one to one work, helping individuals cope more effectively with a range of challenging personal circumstances and heath conditions.


Philippa spent many years working in the NHS providing evidence-based therapy for people affected by a range of mental health conditions and specialised in working with people coping with serious physical illnesses. Her NHS roles also involved supporting health care professionals working in high pressure roles and environments. This formative set of experiences has enabled her to apply the best of her clinical and psychological experience to leaders and individuals working in other sectors. In particular she has established a powerful reputation in the areas of psychological wellbeing, resilience, mental health awareness, stress and burnout.


Philippa believes that two heads are better than one so she approaches all her work in the spirit of collaboration and partnership. She recognises that every person, organisation, team, problem and challenge is unique so she works hard to fully understand each situation, identify specific goals and then tailor interventions to meet those needs.

She consistently demonstrates care, thought and compassion, and combines professionalism with approachability and warmth.

Professional Memberships

British Psychological Society – Chartered Counselling Psychologist

Health Care Professions Council – Registered Practitioner Psychologist

International Society for Coaching Psychology

British Psychological Society Special Group for Coaching Psychology


Psychology Qualifications: BSc, MSc, Doctorate

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