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Bath Psychology Consulting

Philippa has been involved in employee wellbeing for over 20 years and has significant experience of consulting, advising and helping organisations on a variety of workplace culture and wellbeing interventions.

Increasingly, as organisations recognise the criticality of creating a positive workplace culture and its impact on productivity, retention and reputation, Philippa works in partnership with her clients to achieve results that have a lasting positive impact on both organisations and their people. She is a firm believer that prevention is better than cure and sees employee wellbeing strategies as essential for ensuring people have the knowledge and skills they need to flourish.

Specific areas of focus include:

Planning and Strategy – From helping build the business case, to advising on communications, training and specific content-based areas of desired intervention and provision, Philippa shares her wealth of understanding of the research and published material underpinning workforce productivity and psychological wellbeing to help organisations shape and deliver a truly effective strategy.

Wellbeing Policy – Advising on the legal, ethical and practical aspects of what works and what does not in terms of a wellbeing policy, internal guidelines, protocols and practical advice for managers.

Psychology-Based Training – Philippa can both co-create and deliver original and bespoke material tailored to your specific needs and requirements, or has a range of existing workshops and training interventions covering a variety of topics including Developing Resilience, Managing Stress and Burnout, Developing Effective Relationships, Mental Health Awareness, Compassionate Leadership and Psychological Safety.

Mental Health First Aiders’ Support – Many organisations have identified and trained an internal group of Mental Health First Aiders. Philippa offers a specialist service to assist them in maintaining and further developing their knowledge and skills. She offers support on an ongoing basis through the provision of specific in-depth expertise and advice, further training, and one to one mentoring if needed.

Specialist Psychological Services – Philippa offers a range of bespoke services designed to bring cutting edge psychology into the heart of organisations. These include employee wellbeing ‘drop-in’ clinics, debriefing sessions following significant incidents and specialist psychological advice and support for HR teams in the management of mental health.

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